Powershell – Automatically Create virtual Networking in Hyper-V

I’ve rebuilt my test lab a number of times and have gotten sick of setting up my NICs and VLANs, etc over and over in Hyper-V.  This Powershell script will build a virtual switch for each network device on your host system, binding physical adapters and needed, and then adds each VM to each switch.  Easy peasy!

Function Build-Networks{
$NetworkAdapters = Get-NetAdapter
Get-NetAdapter | % {New-VMSwitch -Name ($_.Name + " External Connection") -NetAdapterInterfaceDescription $_.InterfaceDescription}


Get-VM | % {$vm=$_.Name; Get-VMSwitch | % {Add-VMNetworkAdapter -ComputerName $vm -SwitchName $_.Name}} # add one nic per switch
Get-VM | Get-VMNetworkAdapter | ? SwitchName -eq $null | Remove-VMNetworkAdapter # remove null nic

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