Solved: Getting a user’s Distribution Group Memberships

It’s surprisingly hard to get back a listing of all of a particular user’s Exchange Distribution Group Memberships. The strange thing about this is that you can very easily get a list of all of a user’s AD Security Groups using


. If this works for your purposes, great, but if what you really need is a report of all of a user’s / mailbox or resource mailbox Distribution Group membership, I’ve come up with the following.

get-distributiongroup | ForEach-Object {
$groupName = $_
Get-DistributionGroupMember -Identity $groupname.Name | ForEach-Object{
} | Group-Object -Property GroupMember | 
    Select-object Name, @{Name=‘Groups‘;Expression={$_.Group.GroupName}}

Whoa! What’s happening there?

Here’s the walkthrough of why this works:

  • We’re getting a big list of all of the distribution groups
  • for each, resolving the full membership of each group
  • For every entity we discover who is a member of this group, we create a custom object of “username,groupname”
  • Once this finishes, we send this to the Group-Object command to let it pick out every unique user
  • Then gather all of their memberships using a calculated property
  • We then can send this on to a CSV file, to get an output like this.
#TYPE Selected.Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.GroupInfo
"Stephen","Group_1 Group_2 OtherFolks"
"Lenna.Paprocki","Group_2 OtherFolks"
"James.Butt","Group_2 OtherFolks"

In my opinion, XML would be the best way to display this info, rather than a CSV. Additionally, it would be very cool to have a lighter weight cmdlet to return just the Distribution Group membership of one user. If I come up with this approach, I’ll be sure to update this.

Hope you enjoy!

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