Listen to me on Coding101!

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Last week, I had an amazing time at the Microsoft MVP Summit, it was a dream come true!  Speaking of true, I even got to meet Jim Truher and Bruce Payette!  Simply a wonderful, wonderful time.

Probably my favorite part about being there was getting to be on a live podcast recording for TWiT network’s Coding 101 show, along with Sarah Dutkiewicz, Adam Bertram, Jeremy Clark, June Blender, & Jeff Wouters!  We got to talk about what got us into coding, how to become an MVP, and our favorite (and worst) interview questions.  I feel like I did pretty well, despite my heart trying to pound out of my chest.

Let me know how you think I did!

If you’re reading this, you’re sneaky!  I’ve got something really cool coming down the pipe about how to use Appveyor and Pester, so keep checking in!  

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