Quicky: How to use Server Nano TP4 in Hyper-V

Hey guys,

Super quicky here.  With Windows Server Tech preview 4 shipping now, we have a new release of Server Nano to play with.  Ben Armstrong wrote a guide for tech preview 3, but the cmdlets have changed since then, so I figured I’d write this out to help you as well!

Step 1: Get the Server tech preview 4 media here

Step 2: Launch PowerShell, browse to the media\NanoServer folder.  (In my case, Drive F:)

Step 3: In PowerShell run the following:

New-NanoServerImage -MediaPath F:\ -BasePath X:\Nano -TargetPath 'X:\Nano\VHD\NanoServer.vhd' -GuestDr
ivers -Containers -EnableEMS -ComputerName Nano

Let’s break down those parameters:

  • MediaPath – the Server TP 4 drive, in my case F:\
  • BasePath – the staging directory, this cmdlet will dump a lot of stuff here to do its magic to convert the WIM into a VHD
  • TargetPath – where to put the completed VHD
  • GuestDrivers – this switch injects the Hyper-V guest Drivers
  • Containers – want to try Docker Containers?  Put this param in!
  • EnableEms – want to play with the new Emergency Management Console for Nano?  Sure you do, include this one too!
  • ComputerName – Whatcha wanna call this new computer?

These are probaby the most important params.

If it worked, you’ll see something like the followingnano

Now, be warned that this will create a .vhd, so you’re stuck with a Gen 1 VM, which really isn’t so bad, given how little Nano can do today :p

To boot her up:


My next step is to do domain join, and see what all we can load up on her!


4 thoughts on “Quicky: How to use Server Nano TP4 in Hyper-V

  1. Paul Milbank November 25, 2015 / 11:55 pm

    Hi, if you change the target path name to .vhdx, it creates it as a gen2 machine. This is weirdly 170 odd MB bigger though. 500 MB exact on my machine for a gen1 nano server with IIS and 672 MB for a gen2.


    • FoxDeploy November 26, 2015 / 12:56 am

      Thanks for the tip! I put mine on dynamic memory with a 100 mb minimum and 512mb startup. It idles at 200 mb!


  2. Paul Milbank November 26, 2015 / 4:50 pm

    Nice, I really like it now that it has options for things like IIS and containers now, Nano server is shaping up to be a really amazing product.


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