The Search-Google tool will live and evolve here.

Searches the Googes
Lets you quickly start a search from within Powershell
Search-Google Error code 5
--New google search results will open listing top entries for 'error code 5'

search-google (gwmi win32_baseboard).Product maximum ram

If you need to get the maximum ram for your motherboard, you can even use this
type of syntax
function Search-Google
if ($args.Count -eq 0)
"Args were empty, commiting `$input to `$args"
Set-Variable -Name args -Value (@($input) | % {$_})
"Args now equals $args"
$args = $args.Split()
"Args had value, using them instead"

Write-Host $args.Count, "Arguments detected"
"Parsing out Arguments: $args"
for ($i=0;$i -le $args.Count;$i++){
$args | % {"Arg $i `t $_ `t Length `t" + $_.Length, " characters"} }

$args | % {$query = $query + "$_+"}

$url = $query.Substring(0,$query.Length-1)
"Final Search will be $url `nInvoking..."
start "$url"

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