DIY Microsoft Teams On-Air Light!

Children. You love them. They in turn, run into your meetings all the time. Sometimes wearing pants.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a way to keep them informed of when Daddy or Mommy is in a meeting? Something nice and big and obvious that they can just totally ignore, right?

That’s why I sought to design my own perfect on-air light, to automatically turn on when I joined Teams Meetings.  Won’t you join me in this journey together, and you can build your own?

Banner graphic, says 'How-To guide, On-air light' and depicts a light with red letters that say 'ON-AIR', illuminated and hanging above a door frame

Why make one?

Great question, and if either of these describe you, you can probably just stop and buy one of the off the shelf products that answer this need.

  • I don’t have a closed door I can work behind.
  • It would be ok to just have something for my desk
  • I enjoy inflicting my children upon others

But if you do want to make your own…read on!

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Migrating and transforming contact lists from OCS to Lync 2013 with PowerShell

Update: You can get the functions referenced in this post here.

Recently, I was given a very favorable task, which boiled down to something like this  “We need to migrate buddy lists from OCS 2007 to Lync 2013 and handle thousands of changes to e-mail addresses/sip address and domain names in the process”.

I turned to the only resource about this on the internet, the following 200-word blog post, in Spanish.

I feel that I should probably stop you here and say Warning!  This is not at all supported!

In my situation, here were the requirements: Continue reading