Unholy Matrimony – wGet and PowerShell together

XML has been around for a LONG time. But just like working with HTML, it still kind of stinks. If you want to reach into a file and pull out values within certain tags, you’d better become a pro with Xpath or be prepared to create some REALLY ugly Regex. For instance, if we wanted to grab the values within the tag we care about for this blog post, the regex would be this simple little number.


You know what they say about using regex…


Fortunately for us, PowerShell makes it very easy to work with XML and pull out properties, and makes it super easy to do so if you take advantage of the built-in .net System.Xml.XmlDocument object type to help you parse it’s values.

For this example, I wanted to make a full backup of my family WordPress Photo site, but there was no easy way to download all of the photos from my blog posts, which is a necessity to transfer my content to another provider, or at least to maintain my own copy of all of my work. (Note to WordPress.com engineers, it would be totally sweet to have the option to download my entire blog in one nice little .zip!). So if, you’re curious about how to backup your WordPress blog including all media, read further!

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