FoxDeploy – What happened to you?!

Hi guys!  I’m still alive, I promise!

Recently I’ve gone a bit of a blog and twitter hiatus, because the FoxDeploy family just inherited a new child-object!  Born February 2nd at 2:02 AM, I had my first son!


I promise I’ve got some nice posts on the way, including the anticipated Part V of my GUI series, as well as Part V of the DSC guide…including a new tool I’ve been working on with some help from my friends in Redmond…

See, I even wrote this post with a baby on me 🙂


Thank you ScriptingWife!

When I heard that Don Jones brought a few thousand copies of The DSC Book, which I contributed to, as give-aways for this year’s PowerShell summit,  I was ecstatic to be printed!  And I really wanted to have a copy of the book.  Unfortunately, they ran out very quickly, and Don informed me that we had no more available.

I put out some calls for help on Twitter and Facebook, and was ecstatic to get a reply from Teresa Wilson (aka The Scripting Wife).  Today, this beauty arrived at my door!


2014-08-04 18.27.00


It’s surreal!

Thank you Don, Steve, and Teresa!