New in Windows 10: Changing home to Pro w/ no reinstall!

One of the hotly anticipated features of Windows 10 is the ability to change your Windows version on the fly, without even needing to reinstall the OS!

This means that if you’re a Home user and want to start using advanced features like Hyper-V, which is only available on Pro, or to begin using your computer with BranchCache and other technologies only found on Enterprise, you don’t need to reinstall anymore.


You decide one day that Hyper-V sounds awesome and you want to be able to run Virtual Machines on your laptop/desktop. You go to ‘Turn Windows Features on or off’ and Continue reading

Recovering your Dedeuped Files on Windows 10

Were you one of those who installed the server 2012 binaries into your Windows 8.1 to enable Disk Deduplication? Did you turn on dedupe on all of your drives, saving hundreds of gigs of storage space, then upgrade to Windows 10?

Upon boot, were you greeted with frequent ‘the machine cannot access the file’ errors? If so, then this is the guide for you!

This fixes the error 0x80070780: The file cannot be accessed by the system

What happened to my stuff? Did I lose it all?

NO!  You did not lose your files.  What happened when you ran deduplication on your files, is that Windows gradually scrubbed all of the common elements out of many files in order to compress them, much like what happens when you put files into a .zip or .rar archive.
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Using PowerShell to find drivers for Device Manager

One of the most arduous tasks for a ConfigMgr admin is to build images to support new models of hardware for Operating System Distribution. As a SCCM Engineer, I’ve done this process for probably more than a hundred models now, and here’s how it normally goes.

How I solve missing drivers

• Connect my new device to the network
• Do a fresh install off of a thumb drive or PXE of my current image and see what breaks
• Boot into Windows and then look at Device Manager.

At this point, I’ll either jump up and down or I start crying, based on how many of my devices have an Exclamation point.

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PowerShell Hyper-V Configuration Backup report

In preparing my home lab to upgrade to Windows 10 (I’ll be leaving server 2012 R2 w/ Desktop experience behind, after years as my daily driver).

I realized that I’d essentially need to rebuild my Hyper-V setup (which really isn’t so bad, just reimporting my VM .xml files and then setting the VHDs the right way again) when I got to Windows 10, so I wanted a quick reference of which VM files were where and how my switches were laid out.

This is what I came up with!

It gives us first the configuration of all of our switches, whether they’re bound to a physical adapter and whether the management OS shares the NIC, if so. It then breaks down by VM, where the .xml file lives for it, which drives it has mounted, which NICs, whether Dynamic RAM is turned on and finally the startup memory. Continue reading